First Things First

In order to apply for jobs via Overpass, your profile must first be approved by our Talent Advocate team. If your profile hasn't yet been approved, please see Guide to Getting Approved.

Once your profile is approved, you're eligible to apply for positions in the Overpass Marketplace. To see available positions, click on Jobs in the site banner.

There are three different methods by which contractors may find work opportunities.

Method 1: Apply Directly

The most important and proactive way to find work is to apply to positions yourself. When you see a job title that looks interesting, click View Job Details to learn more. Be sure to review the details carefully! Make sure that you're comfortable with the job duties, schedule, and hourly rate. Applying for a job that you're not available or qualified for is a waste of everyone's time.

If the job seems like a good fit, it's time to apply! Use the field at the bottom of this page to write a short "proposal," which acts as a cover letter to the client. This is a great time to mention previous relevant experience, or why you think you'd be a good fit. Be professional -- use correct grammar, spelling, and complete sentences. When everything looks good, just click Apply.

Example proposal:

If the client is interested in scheduling an interview, you'll receive an email with further instructions. Remember that our clients may receive many applications for every position, and they cannot respond to every applicant. Rather than staking all of your hopes on one opportunity, we recommend you apply to multiple opportunities, and check back every few days to see newly-added positions.

Method 2: Interest From Clients

While you're browsing the Jobs page, our clients are browsing our marketplace of approved contractor profiles. If an employer feels that your skillset is a good match for their needs, they may reach out to you directly, even if you haven't applied.

The best way to increase your chances of client reaching out to you directly is through your profile. A nice photo, quality voice sample, and well-written profile will all help to make you an attractive candidate.

Method 3: The Overpass Team

We're invested in your success, which is a major reason why we require a Talent Advocate interview when you join the platform. Once our team knows more about your background, skill-set, and goals, we can promote your profile to clients who we think would be a good match.

This work happens in the background -- you won't be notified that we're promoting your profile, until a client reaches out for an interview -- but rest assured it is happening! The more details and specifics you provide in your profile, the easier it is for us to match you up with a successful client relationship.

It's Time to Interview!

When a client is interested in your profile, you'll receive an email alert. This email signals that an employee plans to give you a call within the next 48 hours. Keep an eye out for any calls from a "551" number, as that's the prefix that our dialing system utilizes. If the call comes when you are unable to interview, please answer and press "2" to alert the client to call back later.

For more details on the interview process, please see Guide to Overpass Interviews.

Finally, please remember that there's no guaranteed time period to which you will be selected for an interview. Please keep in mind that Overpass is a competitive marketplace, not a job placement service, and opportunities will be presented to you based on your professional experience and profile. 

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