In Overpass, we use the term campaign to describe an ongoing outreach effort to a particular group of potential customers. Depending on your business, you may find that a single campaign is all you need, or it may be advantageous to create several. There's no cost or drawback to creating more campaigns; it's just a question of what makes sense for you.

Why Would I Want More Than One Campaign?

One common reason to create multiple campaigns is if you're using Overpass to sell different products or services. Each campaign can have a unique script, so distinguishing in this way allows you to use more specific language in your sales pitch. For instance, an insurance company might create separate campaigns for Auto Insurance and Home Insurance, so the scripts can focus on options and pricing for those respective offerings. Relatedly, you could also use different campaigns to run an A/B test on the effectiveness of different sales scripts for the same product.

Many companies organize campaigns based on what phase of the sales process the leads are in. In this application, you might have one campaign calling brand-new leads, another one for leads that have already been qualified, and a third for checking back in with existing customers.

Yet another application is to create multiple campaigns in order to target different geographic regions of the country. If you're marketing to different states, for example, you might want to use the exact same script, but want to compare your results by region.

Finally, you might also consider doing this based on the source of your leads. For instance, one campaign dedicated to leads you found through Facebook, and a second for leads that signed up through your landing page. This would allow you to better compare the efficacy of those channels.

Should Each Contractor Have Their Own Campaign?

If you're working with more than one agents, you may be wondering if you should create a separate campaign for each of them. This is not necessary, but can be useful in some situations.

When multiple contractors are working on the same campaign, they will not be calling the same contacts at the same time. Once a lead has been called once, it's dropped to the bottom of the queue, so any other contractors working on that same campaign won't see that contact until it works it's way back to the top of the queue. It is possible that one agent calls a specific contact on Monday, leaves a voicemail, and then that same contact gets called by a different agent later in the week. But contacts won't be double-dialed in the same day unless you have a particularly small list.

However, if you are especially interested in comparing the results of your different contractors, assigning each to their own campaign does make this process slightly easier. To be clear, results and call outcomes are always tracked on an individual level, but having a single person working each campaign makes it slightly easier to compare those results "at a glance."

I'm Still Not Sure!

If you're unsure what configuration would be best, your Overpass Account Executive is a great resource to help guide you through these options. Remember too that your choices aren't set in stone. As you gain familiarity with the platform, you're always able to create new campaigns, remove old ones, or reassign your team as necessary!

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