What are lists?

When you start a new campaign, you will need to upload the leads which your agents will be contacting. These leads are organized into groupings of contacts called lists which you will assign to your phone reps when a campaign starts. Lists make it easy to group contacts together based on the needs of your campaign; such as region, industry, company size etc. Your lists must be uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file and our software will recognize the data, organize it and import your contacts into your dedicated CRM.

As you work through your campaign and leads are contacted, you may need to upload new lists or transfer leads to new campaigns depending on call outcomes. Each list that you upload must follow certain guidelines to ensure that our system will be able to facilitate calls to your contacts. If any errors occur on your spreadsheet, our system will show you where errors are so you can fix them in the platform. 

Setting Up Your Spreadsheet

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Primary Contact Number
  • Email
  • Company Name

Relevant Fields

  • Secondary Contact Numbers
  • Extensions
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Region
  • Street, City & State


 Follow these formatting rules to avoid wasting time fixing errors when uploading contact lists to the Overpass platform. 

  1. Your spreadsheet should only include one header per column. 
  2. Avoid any duplicate fields.
  3. Keep all phone number formats consistent and always include area code. 
  4. Make sure primary phone number fields are filled out for all contacts. 
  5. Phone Numbers and Extensions should be in separate fields.
  6. Keep your lists simple. Do not include irrelevant fields that your agents will not need.

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