Some clients prefer to use Overpass with their existing team members instead of hiring remote help from our marketplace. We refer to these folks as "Invited" agents, since you are inviting them to the Overpass platform from your account.

There are three primary differences to be aware of when using in-house/invited agents:

  1. The monthly seat fee is $120/invited agent, rather than the standard rate for Marketplace contractors of $240. This fee is still billed on the first of every month, and is prorated when an agent is invited mid-month.

  2. Overpass does not act as payment facilitator for invited agents. Since these folks are already employed by you, we are not involved in their compensation.

  3. Invited users are not subject to our standard 12-month commitment. Since these folks are already your employees/volunteers, you may add or remove them from Overpass at any point.

Some clients choose to use a combination of invited users and regular marketplace contractors. For instance, you might hire a remote appointment-setter through the marketplace, then add your existing sales manager as an invited user to close those deals.

Inviting Users to your Workspace:

First, log into, and click Workforce in the site banner. On the left side of the page, select the Invited tab. On the right side of that tab, click the blue button that says Invite A User.

Invite your new user by entering their email address. (You may also invite them via phone number, but we recommend the email method for simplicity.)

Next, specify what campaign(s) they'll initially have access to, and whether they'll function as an agent or a supervisor. These choices can be changed later.

If you’d like to invite more than one agent, click the Invite Another button and repeat the previous two steps. Once you’ve finished adding users, click Review in the bottom right. Review the invited users, their roles and assigned campaigns. If everything is correct, click Invite.

At this point, you can let your new users know to look for their email (or text message) and follow the provided link. That link will bring them to the Overpass platform, where they will be prompted to create a password. The email address used to invite the user will become their username for future logins.

Removing Invited Users

Just like marketplace contractors, invited users may be removed at any time without penalty. Simply navigate back to the Workforce > Invited page, find the user in question, and click the Details button on the right side. From the pop-up window, choose Options, then Deactivate Immediately.

Invited user seats work just like marketplace seats, in that each seat is purchased for a full month. Should you deactivate an invited user mid-month, you may fill that existing, now-vacant seat at no additional cost.

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