Overpass offers three different levels of authority for your sales team: agent, supervisor, and administrator. The role you assign directly determines which features and functions each team member has access to. As a client, you can edit the role of any member of your team by logging into Overpass, selecting the Workforce tab, then clicking the Details icon next to that specific person.


Roles and Campaigns

When team members are first hired, by default they will have agent status, but won't have access to any of your campaigns. The Details button allows you to select which campaign(s) they will have access to, and what level of authority they will have for each.

Please note that the agent and supervisor roles are assigned on a per-campaign basis, meaning that the same person can be given different levels of access (or none at all) for each respective campaign. The administrator role, in contrast, always grants access across all campaigns, so it always operates on a global level.

Notice in the left image below, this contractor has been given agent access for the first campaign, and supervisor access for the second. From this screen, the client can add or remove access to other campaigns as well, as time goes on.

Alternatively, in the right image, this same person has been switched to administrator access, so the option to add/remove individual campaign access is no longer needed. Administrator access always includes all campaigns.

Comparison of agent

Features and Functionality by Role


The default and most limited access level for Overpass sales reps is agent. When a new team member is hired, they begin with agent status, and do not initially have access to any campaigns.

Agents always have the following abilities:

  • Dial outbound calls (within campaigns they have access to)

  • Add outcomes and notes summarizing their past calls

  • Read and update contact information of leads/customers within specific campaigns

  • Create new leads within specific campaigns

  • Schedule upcoming outbound calls for a specific time and date

  • Send messages to employer and any other agents on the team (via the Overpass Message Center widget)

  • Access any training materials you've previously uploaded

Depending on your settings and preferences, agents may be able to:

  • Send and receive email messages

  • Read and update contact information of all leads/customers within your system


The supervisor role provides access to our Campaign Monitor features. This role is primarily designed for team members who will be managing or providing guidance to other agents. However, it can also be used by clients who simply want to give their agents additional access to their own data and call logs.

Supervisors can do everything that agents can, as well as:


Users with the administrator role have essentially the same full-site access as clients do. Administrators have the ability to make significant changes to your Overpass workspace and campaigns, so this role should only be given to team members you trust with that responsibility.

Administrators can do everything that agents and supervisors can, as well as:

  • Access the Marketplace (to browse agent profiles and voice samples)

  • Schedule and conduct interviews with potential hires

  • Send contract offers to potential hires

  • Hire contractors

  • Cancel existing contracts

  • Propose changes to the terms of existing contract

  • Create new campaigns or deactivate existing campaigns

  • Change the settings of ongoing campaigns

  • Assign or remove other agents from campaigns

  • Upload new contacts into the workspace

  • Delete existing contacts into the workspace

  • Add, remove, or rearrange contact lists within the workspace

  • Upload training materials for agents

  • Update company profile and logo

  • Update workplace settings, including phone number and email options

  • Update company payment information (credit card)

Still not certain what roles are best for your team? Let's talk! Send us a message via our Live Chat link, or email help@overpass.com.

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