We've designed Overpass to be flexible; when you no longer require a contractor's services, you can end any contract without penalty. Remember that contractor seats are paid monthly in advance, so if you end a contract mid-month, you're able to fill that existing seat with a new contractor. Seat fees are non-refundable.

Step 1: Notify Your Contractor & Offer Feedback

Overpass contractors are still your employees -- and they're people, too! Please treat them with the same respect you would give to any in-person employee. If you know that their contract will be ending soon, give them as much advance notice as possible so that they can start looking for their next position. This is also a great time to offer constructive feedback, if applicable. Let them know what they did well, and/or what they might have done better.

Note: If you're having a difficult time getting in touch with your contractor, let us know!

Step 2: Ending the Contract

From your Overpass dashboard, select Workforce from the upper banner. On the left side of the page, select either Marketplace (to display contractors hired through our platform) or Invited (to display workers you hired directly.)

Find the name of the contractor you're looking to remove, and click the small Contract button that appears on the far left side of the page. A pop-up window appears. Scroll to the bottom and click the Options arrow pointing down. A red button will appear, allowing you to Cancel Immediately.

Remember that contractor compensation is paid out for work done during the previous pay period, so in almost all cases, you will receive one additional invoice for this contractor's hours after ending their contract.

Step 3: Fill Your Vacant Seat!

Your contractor "seat" lasts all month long, so when a contract ends mid-month, you are welcome to fill that seat with a new contractor without incurring any additional fees. Navigate back to the Marketplace to look for candidates, or reach out to your Account Executive for help!

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