Once you’ve created a campaign and hired your agents, you can now assign your agents to campaigns and monitor their progress. 

To monitor your agents progress in a campaign click the ‘Campaign’ button from the top navigation bar. In the campaign dashboard, you will see each active campaign as an individual module. 

Within each campaign module are options to enter the campaign and make calls, monitor your agents, or edit campaign details. Click on ‘Monitor’. This will take you to the Campaign Monitor Dashboard.

On the left you can see the success status of your campaign

Summary: Each page has a visual summary of the most relevant information displayed in easily understandable diagrams.

Agents: The agents tab allows to view the current status of each agent assigned to the campaign alongside an organized breakdown of the how their time has been spent. You can click on any agent and see a detailed breakdown of their productivity and the outcome of every call they’ve made. For example you will see how many of their calls resulted in ‘No Answer’, ‘Follow Up’ or ‘Closed Sale.’ 

Calls Logs: The call logs allows you to review all of the calls made by your agents. You are able to see the call outcomes, date and time of each call, and their duration. To the right of each call is a button titled ‘Call History’ which displays a detailed write up of every call made to that individual, the outcomes of those calls and all the notes made by your agents. You can listen to recordings of each call made to ensure that your agents are representing your business and campaign properly.

Queue: You are able to see the live automated queue of all of your leads being called. 

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