One of the most important tasks when launching a remote customer engagement campaign is monitoring your agents. As you prepare to launch your campaign, the goal should be to get your agents fully trained on the necessary job duties. Once your campaign is launched, your monitoring process should focus on three core metrics; the Contract Completion Rate, Call Utilization Rate, and the Campaign Success Rate. With these metrics, you will be able to monitor when your agents show up to work, how much of their work time is spent actually making calls, and lastly, how effective they are at their jobs.

Contract Completion Rate

One of the most common concerns with a remote team is how to tell if your agents are actually working. On the Overpass platform, most work is assigned and completed through our software; this way you can track your agents’ work time. The contract completion rate is the amount of time worked out of the scheduled time within the contract. Initially, when walking your new agent through your work process, you must set expectations of daily and weekly activity and the results you require. Once the campaign has begun, you can use the contract completion rate to monitor the amount of time your agent is working. The completion rate is hours worked divided by hours contracted. If an agent is scheduled to work 20 hours a week, but only works 16 hours. Their completion rate is 16 / 20 = 0.8 or 80%. Understanding contractor completion will allow you to evaluate the agent’s reliability in showing up for work.  

Call Utilization Rate

When checking daily performance, you should review their call utilization rate. The Utilization Rate compares the amount of time the contractor is working on the system compared to the amount of time spent on calls. If the contractor’s utilization rate falls below the expected rate, reach out to the contractor and find out why it dropped and then further train them to improve on their call efficiency rate. 

Success Rate

The last area of performance you will want to evaluate is your agent’s success rate. The success rate is how effective your agent is at doing their job. When assessing this area, you will want to evaluate their call outcomes; for example their number of closes, appointments set, follow-ups, or any relevant positive outcomes. If they have relatively low results in this area, you should review their call recordings on the Overpass System, to pinpoint areas of weakness and then further train them on how to improve.  

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