When creating a plan to monitor the progress of a campaign, one of the biggest questions clients have is how often should they be checking up on their agents, and when is the appropriate time to do so. 

Mainly, you want to treat your remote agents, as if they were working with you in your office. That means it’s your responsibility to make sure they are at work during scheduled times, and that they are doing the necessary tasks. A rule of thumb would be to check in 30 minutes after the agent’s scheduled start time. If the agent is not working during scheduled work hours, and have not notified you, then it is necessary to reach out to the agent to find out why they aren’t working. 

On a daily basis, check-in at the beginning of the day with a 10-minute recap to see what work the freelancer has accomplished the day before, asses any setbacks, and prepare him or her for the upcoming day. Once a week, you will want to put aside 20-30 minutes to listen to your agent’s recordings; then spend 30-45 minutes with the agent over the phone giving constructive feedback. 

Feedback should be on enhancing product knowledge and improving productivity. By spending this time to train your agent fully, you are ensuring that they understand the product thoroughly, and utilize the correct techniques that best suit your business. Through enacting a monitoring plan, you will easily be able to scale, grow, and optimize your campaign. 

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