If you use Unbounce landing pages to sign up customers, you can import those customer details directly into your Overpass campaigns.

Getting Started

First, click on the Workspace Settings icon in the upper right of your Overpass site -- it's the one that looks like two gears.

Image of the upper right corner of the Overpass site.  An image of two gears is highlighted in blue, and a pop-up message reads

From the left navigation menu, select Integrations.

Overpass left navigation menu.

Connecting Your Landing Page

  1. Click on Enable under the Unbounce header.

  2. Click on Add integration 

  3. Select the campaign that you want to funnel leads into

  4. Click on Save

Login to your Unbounce account and follow these steps:

  1. Open your Unbounce landing page.

  2. In the tabs that say Overview, Leads, and Integrations, click on Integrations.

  3. Click on Webhooks, then select + Add Webhook

  4. Copy the above URL of the campaign you want to send leads to, and paste it in the “Choose a URL to POST form data to” Unbounce field

  5. Under “Unbounce Form Data”, make sure there is a field under “Unbounce Field ID” called phone_number

  6. Click “Save Changes”

Learn more about adding Webhooks to Unbounce pages here: https://documentation.unbounce.com/hc/en-us/articles/203510044#content7

You can also watch our video tutorial:

That’s it! Contacts will automatically be created and added to your Overpass campaigns whenever a customer enters their information into your Unbounce page or through a Facebook Lead Ad.

More questions? Just ask! Contact us at help@overpass.com or use the blue "chat" widget in the lower corner.

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