This FAQ is specifically aimed at contractors, users looking to find remote work through the Overpass marketplace. If you are looking to use Overpass to hire remote help, please see Frequently Asked Questions (Clients) instead.

Overpass 101

What is Overpass?

Overpass is an online marketplace for remote phone work, and also a platform for outbound sales campaigns.

Who uses Overpass?

There are two different groups of people who use Overpass. We refer to them as clients and contractors.

Clients are owners or managers of small-to-medium-sized businesses. Clients use Overpass to find and hire talented salespeople, appointment-setters, and customer support agents.

Contractors are individuals with previous experience in phone sales, appointment-setting, or customer support. Contractors use Overpass to find remote jobs and work from home.

Can all Overpass contractors work from home?

Yes! All positions available through our platform are 100% remote.

Do contractors need to live in the U.S.?

No, we happily accept contractors from all over the world. However, the majority of our clients are American companies and typically are looking for agents to make calls during daylight hours in the U.S.

Please note that the Overpass software uses VoIP technology, so users living in countries where VoIP is banned or restricted are generally not able to utilize the platform.

Do contractors need to speak English?

Yes. Because our clients are mostly American companies, we do require that contractors speak fluent English. If you’re multilingual, that’s great; we do get requests for agents who are fluent in multiple languages.

Do you offer entry-level jobs?

No. Our clients are specifically looking to hire contractors with at least one year of previous professional experience in outbound phone sales work. We only accept applicants who meet our requirements for relevant experience, and approval is at the discretion of our Talent Advocate team.

How do I get started?

The first step to becoming an Overpass contractor is to create a profile in our system. Click Become An Agent, enter your email address, then tell us about your experience and work history. Remember that our clients are focused on your phone skills -- sales expertise and/or customer support -- so emphasize those parts of your work history. Non-phone work, such as retail jobs, should not be added to your profile. Once your profile is completed, it will automatically be submitted to us for review, and we'll contact you to discuss next steps.

Work & Scheduling

Are these full-time jobs?

Our marketplace contains both full-time and part-time roles.

Is the work schedule flexible?

Yes and no. When you create your profile, you can specify your own availability, so if there are certain days or times you’re not able to work, that’s fine. You can change your availability as needed, and you are never obligated to accept a contract that doesn’t work with your schedule. Once you accept a contract, however, you are expected to adhere to those regular shifts, so you should be sure you can work those hours before formally accepting a job offer.

Can I work multiple jobs through Overpass?

You may work for multiple clients at the same time, provided that the schedules do not overlap or conflict. For instance, if your first contract was only for morning hours, you could look for a second position to work during afternoons or evenings.

What is the day-to-day work like?

While every company is different, all jobs through the Overpass marketplace are centered around making sales calls from an existing list of contacts. You’ll use our software to make these calls through your computer, and follow a script written by the client. After each call, you will make notes and document the outcome of the conversation. Some clients may ask you to perform additional tasks, such as sending emails, or receiving inbound calls.

What kinds of employers hire Overpass agents?

The clients in our marketplace are small-to-medium sized businesses from a variety of industries. We work with insurance agencies, medical equipment suppliers, digital marketing agencies, cleaning companies, film companies, real estate agents, political campaigns, non-profits, and more.

How long will it take for my profile to be approved?

Due to the high volume of submissions, it generally takes our team a little less than a week to review new profiles and respond with feedback.

Once my profile is approved, how quickly will I be hired?

We do our best to help contractors find work as quickly as possible. However, Overpass is a competitive marketplace, and we cannot guarantee that you will find work within a certain time frame.

What if I get a job offer that I don’t like?

You’re never obligated to accept a contract, so if the hours or pay aren’t what you’re looking for, you may decline without penalty. But after you accept an offer, we do expect you to fulfill the terms you agreed to, absent any unforeseen changes. If you fail to show up for work, we will remove you from the platform.

What is the average length of a contract?

Freelance contracts vary in length. Some campaigns are designed to be short-term, but we've also seen contractors who successfully work with the same client for years. Clients don't usually have a specific end date in mind, so as long as you are productive and easy to work with, they'll generally be happy to keep you on.

How can I improve my chances of getting hired?

Your success in our marketplace is largely determined by factors within your control. First, you should be applying to lots of positions, not just one or two. Be sure that your profile looks professional: use complete sentences, correct spelling, and a nice photo in which your face is clearly visible. Your voice recording should sound friendly, upbeat, and natural, with no awkward pauses. When you are approached for an interview, be friendly and communicative with the client. Remember that we have hundreds of other agents in the system, so if you are hard to reach or unresponsive, the client will move on.

Can I specify two separate shifts in my availability?

Some contractors wish to display two discrete availability periods per day; for example, an early morning shift and a separate evening shift. This is especially common with contractors based in the Philippines (or nearby regions), since midnight in those areas coincides with business hours in the U.S.

While many international contractors do work overnight shifts, the Overpass profile settings are currently limited to showing one single period per day, and the starting time must be earlier in the day than the ending time. If you do intend to work an overnight shift that will span two calendar days, we recommend setting your availability to all day (12:00 AM - 11:59 PM). When you are interviewing with a client, be sure to clarify your actual availability.

Salary and Payment

Does it cost anything to get started on Overpass?

No, there are no fees or costs for contractors to use our site.

How much do Overpass jobs pay?

As a contractor, you can specify your own hourly rate. Remember that Overpass is a competitive marketplace, however, so if your rate is too high, you’ll be passed over in favor of more affordable agents. Our Talent Advocate team will suggest a starting rate based on your skills and background, and you can always raise your rate as you gain experience in the platform.

Is payment hourly or commission-based?

All jobs on our platform have a base hourly rate -- we do not permit commission-only work. Some companies offer commissions or bonuses in addition to the hourly rate; some do not.

How often will I be paid?

Once you’ve accepted a contract and are working for a client, you will be paid weekly. We process payments every Thursday afternoon, U.S. Eastern time. Please be aware that depending on your payment method, you may not receive the compensation immediately; Overpass cannot control how quickly the transfer happens once the funds have left our account.

How will I be paid?

We have two payment methods available for contractors: PayPal and bank transfer. Click here to learn more about receiving compensation.

Are there any fees or surcharges to be aware of?

Overpass does not apply any fees to your hourly rate. However, please note that whether you are using PayPal or bank transfer, there will be some minor fees applied to that weekly transfer. These fees are beyond our control, and will vary based on your location and exchange rate.

Does Overpass take out taxes or provide tax forms?

No. As per the U.S. Tax Code, Overpass is considered a “payment settlement entity,” and is not obligated or expected to provide 1099 forms. At tax time, we can provide you with a summary of your yearly earnings through Overpass, and that amount should be reported as additional income. Your specific obligations will depend on the total amount of money you make, as well as the tax code in your area, so please consult with a local tax professional if you have additional questions about this process.

Equipment and Requirements

What is required to get started?

To work in the Overpass platform, you will need all of the following:

  1. Previous experience in phone-based sales work

  2. A desktop or laptop computer

  3. A headset (or headphones with a built-in microphone)

  4. A reliable internet connection.

  5. A quiet place to work.

Do I need a particular type of computer?

No, any reasonably modern PC or Mac computer is fine. Because our service is browser-based, your local internet connection is a bigger factor in performance than the computer itself. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for best results.

Do I need a specific type of phone?

No. Calls made through Overpass are placed through your computer, not a phone.

What type of headset do I need?

Any basic headset model is fine, as long as you can hear clearly and it’s comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. If you need a recommendation, we’ve found MPow headsets to be affordable and reliable.

Is there anything else I should know about equipment?

Your internet speed doesn’t need to be blindingly fast, but it does need to be consistent and have low latency; intermittent service will lead to dropped calls and possible audio performance issues. Depending on the strength and location of your WiFi router, you very well may experience better results by connecting directly to your modem via an Ethernet cable instead of using WiFi.

Creating Your Overpass Profile

Should I list all of my previous jobs?

Clients are primarily interested in your phone sales experience, so you should list any positions based around outbound calling. Examples of relevant work include cold calling, telemarketing, direct sales, appointment-setting, or lead generation. You should not list positions unrelated to phone work, such as retail jobs or food service.

In what order should I list my past jobs?

The first job you enter will appear at the top of your profile, subsequent entries will appear below. Thus, you should begin with your most recent position and work backwards.

How do I know what my hourly rate should be?

Overpass rates range from around $5/hour up to approximately $30/hour, based on your professional experience. Don’t worry too much about your rate at first; when you speak with one of our Talent Advocates, they’ll suggest a competitive marketplace rate based on your experience level, and you can always change it later.

Why do I need to record a voice sample?

Since Overpass jobs are phone-based, the voice sample is your chance to demonstrate your phone and language skills to prospective clients. We recommend practicing the script a few times first, to help you sound natural and friendly.

Can I upload my resume?

Your Overpass profile acts as an online resume, so you don’t need to attach a separate file. If you have a LinkedIn page, you do have the option of providing a link to that outside page for clients to view.

Is a photograph required?

Yes, we require you to add a profile picture. A cell phone selfie is fine; just make sure your face is clearly visible.

Is a LinkedIn page required?

No, this is simply an option for contractors who want to share more information.

I can’t seem to add a “Specialty,” what am I doing wrong?

The “specialty” choice at the top of your profile becomes available after you’ve added one or more previous jobs. Once you have previous work listed, you will be able to select a specialty based on the industries you have worked in thus far.

More questions about what it's like to be an Overpass contractor? Let's talk! Email us at, or contact our team by clicking the blue "chat bubble" in the lower corner of the site.

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