As a contractor, most of the numbers you will call during a sales campaign have already been uploaded into the system by your client. Sometimes, however, you may need to dial a new number that's not in the system. For example, perhaps you dial one business, and the manager asks you to call the owner back on his cell phone.

To call a new number that isn't already in the system, you simply need to add that number to the Overpass CRM. Depending on the situation, you may want to add this number to an existing contact, or it may make more sense to create a new contact entirely.

Accessing the CRM

To reach the Overpass CRM, click Contacts from the banner options at the top of the page.

Editing an Existing Contact

Let's say that you've just been asked to call a different number, but one that's ultimately connected to the same business (or consumer.) For instance, you called a branch office, and they gave you the number for their headquarters. In this situation, it makes sense to edit the existing contact number, rather than add a new contact entirely.

You can find contacts in the CRM in a few ways. You can use the Search function on the left-hand side to look for a contact by name. Or, click on My Interactions to see a list of only the contacts that you've previously interacted with (meaning a call or email.)

Once you find the contact you need to edit, click on any field to edit that data. Notice that a small "pencil" icon appears, indicating you can change it:

Once you've updated the phone number, you can call this contact directly from the CRM (rather than waiting for it to return to the top of the campaign dialing queue.) To place a CRM call, just click the green "call" icon from that contact's page:

CRM calls function just like regular campaign calls; you'll still have the ability to set an outcome and add notes during the Wrap-Up phase.

Adding a New Contact

Other times, rather than editing an existing record, you may need to add a new contact entirely. This process is very similar! Rather than finding the existing contact in the CRM, however, just click Contacts, then click New:

This time, you'll simply add the name, phone number, and any other details from scratch. Once you've done so, you can again place a CRM call directly from this page.

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