A winning campaign takes more than just a great product and a talented sales team; you also need to be sure you're reaching the right customers!

If you already have your own lead lists, you can upload that data directly into your site and start calling. But if you're new to phone marketing, or simply need a fresh batch of contacts, Overpass is here to help.

How Does Targeted Lead Sourcing Work?

First of all, we talk to you! You know your business best, so you'll chat with our Customer Success team about your target audience and goals. Maybe you're looking for a very specific type of consumer, like "Chicago homeowners under 40, with children, who took out a mortgage within the last five years." Or maybe you're casting a wider net, like "Restaurants in Florida."

Next, we work with trusted third-party vendors to source high-quality leads, tailor-made to your preferences. We'll work with you at every step of the process, and discuss any potential alterations. For instance, if your initial parameters only return a few matches, our team will discuss possible ways to expand your results. We'll provide some sample data before finalizing the purchase, so you can ensure that everything looks right.

After we confirm your purchase, we’ll upload those leads into your Overpass workspace for your contractors to start calling! We'll also provide you the spreadsheet of the raw data itself, so that you can use it for other initiatives if you'd like.

How Specific Can My Lead List Be?

For B2B leads, we generally use a combination of the following filters:

  • Industry (as defined by SIC/NAICS codes)
  • Geographic region (city, county, state, ZIP code, etc.)
  • Yearly sales volume
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business

For B2C leads, we generally use a combination of the following filters:

  • Geographic region (city, county, state, ZIP code, etc.)
  • Annual household income
  • Homeowner status
  • Value of home and/or mortgage
  • Family status (e.g., single, married, children present)
  • Native language

We can mix-and-match these options as necessary. There are additional filters available as well, so if you were hoping to use a different parameter, just let us know.

What About the Do Not Call Registry?

As part of our service to you, Overpass registers the area codes contained within your list with the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry. This ensures that you are legally permitted to dial these numbers. Overpass does incur a cost with the FTC for this process, which is reflected in our pricing.

What Do Custom Lead Lists Cost?

We offer lists in three sizes: 500 leads ($105), 1500 leads ($255), or 4000 leads ($520). In addition to the base price, there's a $50 fee per area code included in your list.

Description of Overpass lead list packages and costs: 500 leads for $105, 1500 leads for $255, or 4000 leads for $520.

(We do our best to minimize the area code fee. For instance, if you are targeting a large city that includes 3-4 codes, we can typically filter down to only include a single area code.)

All lead lists are one-time purchases, not a subscription. All sales are final.

Lead List Quality Guarantee

Cold calling is by nature a low-percentage sales technique, so we cannot guarantee any particular level of success. However, leads which are not viable or not accurate will be replaced at no cost.

By viable, we mean that the phone number is literally working -- not a disconnected line, or a fax number. By accurate, we mean that the lead meets all parameters that you specified and confirmed (for example, if you ordered a list of restaurants and we accidentally included a hospital in the list, we will replace that lead.)

Overpass cannot make any guarantees related to answer rate, conversion rate, or any other performance metrics.

We do ask that you work through your entire lead list at least once before requesting any lead replacements, so that we can restore the full amount at once. Our monitoring tools will track how many leads were not viable.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have additional questions about Targeted Lead Lists, or would like to purchase a new list, reach out to our Customer Success Manager at garrett@overpass.com.

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