Overpass provides several ways to track your contractors' performance following the completion of a call, all of which can be found in the Campaign Monitor section of the site.

For an even higher level of oversight, however, you can also listen to your contractors' calls live, as they occur. This feature is especially useful at the beginning of a contract or a new campaign, as you help your team get more familiar with your product and sales script, and provide feedback on their performance.

Accessing Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring is available when your contractors are logged into Overpass and actively placing outbound calls. To access this feature, navigate to the Campaigns tab of Overpass, then select Monitor on the relevant campaign. (Monitoring is campaign-specific, so if you have multiple campaigns running simultaneously, be sure to select the one that your contractor is currently working on.)

Overpass Campaign Dashboard, with

After clicking Monitor, you'll arrive on the Agents page, which displays all contractors who have access to the selected campaign, along with their status. For contractors whose status is currently On Call, a Join Call button will appear to the immediate right of their name.


Note that a contractor must have begun and connected the call before you will be able to join.

During the Call

After clicking Join Call, you will be able to hear the real-time audio as your contractor speaks with the customer or prospect. Your line is automatically muted while you re monitoring, so neither the contractor nor the customer will hear any input from you. (Currently all monitoring is passive; future iterations of this feature will expand to include the ability to take over the call entirely, or "whisper" privately to only the contractor.) A widget in the lower right corner will display the relevant details of this specific call (contact name, phone number, call duration).

Leaving A Call

Should you decide to leave a call before it's complete, there are two options. While you're monitoring a call, the previous Join Call button will change to read Leave Call, and the same option will appear on the widget in the lower right. Selecting Leave Call will not affect the contractor's experience; the call will continue normally.


Finally, if you have two or more contractors making calls simultaneously, you may jump from one call directly to another. In the above screenshot, for instance, clicking the Join Call button that appears next to the top contractor (Suzanne) will automatically switch you over to that call and stop monitoring the call you're currently listening to (Thomas).

After the Call

We've designed this feature primarily as a quality assurance and educational tool, so after you've finished monitoring a call, it's a great opportunity to check in with your contractor and discussed what you just heard. We recommend using the Message Center widget in the lower right corner to start a conversation.

Overpass Message Center widget

Useful topic to discuss after a call may include:

  • Attitude: Did the contractor sound engaged, friendly, and knowledgeable?

  • Accuracy: Did the contractor stick to the script? Did they describe your product or service accurately?

  • Listening: Did the contractor ask the right questions, and get the information they needed to proceed?

  • Persistence: Did the contractor attempt to overcome objections?

  • Control: Did the contractor lead the conversation, and guide it to the desired result?

Most people respond best to positive feedback, so as you correct mistakes or problem areas, don't forget to also highlight what your contractors are doing well!

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