When you join Overpass as a contractor, we assume that you're looking to find remote work as quickly as possible. As time goes on, however, your needs or availability may change. Our Job Seeking Status tool allows you to indicate your preferences, so our team can act accordingly.

Overpass drop-down selector tool for Job Seeking Status

When you log into Overpass.com, the Job Seeking Status selector and your current status will appear on the right side of the page, as shown below.

Contractor home page with location of Job-Seeking Status selector highlighted

If you are currently on your Profile page, you can return back to this homepage by clicking the blue Overpass logo in the upper left corner.

Understanding Your Status Options

Ready To Work

When your profile is approved, you'll initially be set to Ready to Work. When you are in Ready to Work status, your profile will appear in client searches, and our team will promote your profile to any opportunities that we think would be a good fit, based on the information you've provided on your profile.

If your current contract ends, our system will automatically switch you back to Ready to Work status.


The Unavailable status lets our team know that you're not currently looking for additional work. When your status is Unavailable, you will not appear in client searches, and Overpass will not promote your profile to clients.

Once you accept a contract, your profile will automatically be switched to Unavailable. However, you are welcome to manually switch this status back to Ready to Work while on a contract. For example, maybe you accepted a part-time role, but are hoping to supplement those hours with a second part-time contract.

You are also welcome to use Unavailable if you simply want to pause your Overpass account for a short period, but have the ability to return at a later date.

Considering Opportunities

If you're actively working at the moment, but would still like to be considered for other potential contracts, select Considering Opportunities. This indicates that you're "passively" looking, so our team will keep an eye out for jobs that would be an especially good fit for your background, skillset, and hourly rate.


Contractors who do not log into Overpass.com for 45 days will automatically be set to Idle. When this happens, we'll send you an email notifying you of this change. When your profile is Idle, you will not appear in client searches, and Overpass will not promote your profile to clients.

If you are still looking for remote work, simply logging back into the site will immediately revert your profile to its previous state. Remember, for best results, we recommend logging into the site every few days when you are actively job-hunting.

Please remember to monitor and update your job seeking status as your employment needs and circumstances change! Keeping your status current helps us serve you and the entire Overpass community better.

More questions about finding jobs? Let's talk! Email help@overpass.com, or message us using the "chat" icon in the lower corner of Overpass.

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