Phone outreach campaigns are a powerful sales tool, but what if your next ideal customer isn't available to answer the phone? Incorporating email messaging into your campaign diversifies your efforts and allows you to reach more prospects than a calling-only approach.

Initial Email Setup

Before Overpass contractors can send emails, this feature needs to be activated by a client or admin user.

First, select the Workspace Settings option, which appears in the upper right corner of the site, then select Email Settings from the left navigation panel. Click the Enable Email toggle switch, as marked below:


Selecting Outbound & Inbound Addresses

After email has been activated, two new fields appear on the page. The upper field ("Send Emails To Contacts As") determines the address that your outbound emails will come from. The second field ("Get Notified About Replies") allows you to determine an inbound address where you'll be notified of responses from prospects.

Overpass email settings for inbound and outbound email addresses.

Outbound Address

Because outbound emails are being sent through our Overpass mail servers, the domain of this address always follows this specific format: @[yourcompanyname] This cannot be changed, but you will choose the name or title that proceeds the @ sign. For example, if your company name is "ABC Cleaners" and you enter "Marketing" in the upper field, the exact email address used would be

Inbound Address

In contrast, the lower field should be an existing, real email address that you have access to. This can be the same email you use for your Overpass login, or a different address.

At this point, you should consider how you want your overall email process to work. If you want your Overpass agents to be alerted of replies, then you need to use an address that they also have access to. Many clients prefer to use a shared or team account for this purpose. If you don't have a general/shared email account already, creating a free Gmail account can work well for this purpose.

Once both email addresses have been selected, just click Save to complete setup.

Sending Emails Through Overpass

There are two methods to send emails from the Overpass platform: within the Preview Dialer, or directly from the CRM.

Calling from the Preview Dialer

While making outbound calls in a campaign, Overpass agents are able to send emails immediately before dialing, directly after a call is completed, or even during an ongoing call.

Prior to Calling

Before a contact is dialed, agents can click the Send Email button in the upper right of the "In Review" screen.


On Call

Agents may occasionally need to send out materials via email while on a call. If so, the Send Email button is available from this screen as well, shown to the upper right of the sales script:

Wrapping Up A Call

After a call, agents are brought to the Wrap Up screen, at which point they can choose the outcome of the previous call, add notes, and/or schedule a follow-up. If email has been activated, they can also use this opportunity to send a message to the person they've just called.

Location of

Dialing from the CRM

Emails can also be sent at any time from the Overpass CRM. Simply select Contacts from the site banner, then use the Search option to find the prospect you wish to email. Once that contact has been pulled up, a Send Email option is available in the upper right of the contact card (marked in orange in the screenshot below.)

Regardless of which method is used, clicking Send Email launches a new window where the contractor is able to compose a message and subject line. As with any email service, you may copy other users via either CC or BCC.


After sending an email, a record of that correspondence, as well as the message itself, is saved within that contact record in the CRM:

Using Email Templates

While some situations may call for a personalized note, we know that in many cases, agents will be sending the same exact same message to multiple prospects over and over again. Saving those frequently-used messages as templates saves time and allows your team to work more effectively.

To create a template, click Send Email and compose (or paste in) the subject line and message text that you intend to save. Then select the Save As New Template button prior to clicking Send.

The name of the template will default to match the subject line you've entered, but you may change this if you prefer.

There are two ways to save templates. Save to My Templates means that this saved message will only be available from your account, whereas Save to Workspace Templates will make it available to all users in your Overpass site. (If you are creating these templates from a client account, be sure to use the Save to Workspace option if you want your agents to use these templates.)

Once templates have been saved, they can be easily accessed in the future by using the Select Template drop-down menu.

Sending Email Attachments

A friendly message is great, but you may also want to use your outbound emails to share additional promotional materials. You may add multiple attachments to a single email, up to a total of 20 MB per message.

Before files can be attached to emails, they must be uploaded to your File Library. To access that feature, click the Workspace Settings icon and then select File Library from the left navigation panel. Click the blue Add File button to select the specific file from your computer.


Please note that each individual file has a maximum size of 10 MB. We currently support the following file types: pdf, doc/docx, ppt/pptx, xls/xlsx, jpg, gif, and txt.

Once files have been added to the Library, they can be easily attached from the Send Email screen. Use the checkboxes to attach multiple files, if you prefer.

Attachments drop-down in

Receiving Email Replies

Overpass does not contain a central inbox to collect email replies. Rather, when a contact replies, their response will be stored within the CRM contact card, just like with outbound messages. (You can quickly distinguish between inbound and outbound messages by the direction of the "paper airplane" icon on the left side).

CRM Contact card showing both inbound and outbound emails.

Of course, you'll also be notified of this response at the "inbound" address that you initially configured. This email will also include a direct link to the message.

Responding to a Customer Reply (Email Threading)

At present, our system does not support ongoing email threads. If you need to respond back to a reply from a prospect, simply begin a new email. All responses will still be saved within the CRM for your records.

Questions, comments, or requests for our email tools? We'd love to hear from you, just reach out to

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