As a client using Overpass for hiring, there is no upfront cost to join our marketplace, browse freelancer profiles, and interview potential candidates.

Once you hire a sales rep, there are two expenses to be aware of: an annual seat fee, billed monthly, and contractor compensation, billed weekly.

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Annual Seat Fee
Weekly Contractor Compensation
Commissions & Bonuses
Optional Services & Expenses
Refund & Cancellation Policy
Taxes & Fees

Annual Seat Fee Explained

The seat fee is your payment to Overpass for access to our marketplace and software. We offer two plans, depending on your needs: Talent Only or Talent & Tech.

Our Talent Only plan is designed for companies who are looking for an easy way to interview, hire, and pay remote sales reps. Once these freelance agents are hired, you are responsible to provide them with any additional software they may need (CRM, email address, dialer software, et. al.)

The Talent Only plan costs $1920 annually, billed as $160/monthly.

Our Talent & Tech plan also provides access to our marketplace, but adds additional software tools. This option allows you and your agent to run your sales campaigns directly within the Overpass site, through use of our preview dialer, CRM, email, call recordings, and additional tools. This option also includes a complimentary virtual phone number (DID) along with unlimited inbound and outbound calls.

The Talent & Tech plan costs $2880 annually, billed as $240/monthly.

(Questions about those options? Click here to learn more about Choosing Your Overpass Plan.)

Seats are not locked to a specific person. Should you need to replace a contractor mid-month for any reason, there is no additional charge or penalty to hire a different person for the existing seat.

Regardless of which plan you choose, your initial seat fee is charged when your contract offer is accepted, and is prorated based on how many days remain in the current month. Subsequently, you will be billed the monthly cost of your plan on the first of every month. Seat fees are nonrefundable.

Weekly Contractor Compensation

Contractors in the Marketplace all have their standard hourly rate listed in their profile. Rates run between $4/hour up to around $35/hour, depending on their location, work history, and experience level. 100% of the contractors' hourly rate goes to them; Overpass does not deduct any fees from this compensation.

The Overpass billing period runs from Monday - Sunday. During the week, we encourage you to periodically check Overpass to ensure your team is working as expected. Should the contractor work fewer hours than the contract indicates, you are only invoiced for the literal time they were on the clock.

You will receive an invoice for the previous pay period every Sunday night, at 11:59 PM (U.S. Eastern Time.) You will be notified of this invoice via email, but you can also see it by logging into Overpass, selecting Workforce, and then selecting Invoice History.

You have 48 hours to make any necessary adjustments to the invoice. After 48 hours (Tuesday night, 11:59 PM), the invoice will auto-approve, and further changes cannot be made.

Overpass weekly billing cycle

Commissions and Bonuses

Some clients offer performance-based commissions or bonuses to motivate contractors. Since these cannot be tracked via our regular Status system, they must be reported to our Billing team on your weekly invoice. Simply list those additional funds in the Commissions field on your invoice page. Please note you will also be prompted to add a Reason (context or explanation) for that bonus or commission.

Learn more about managing invoices and commissions here.

Optional Services & Expenses

The monthly seat fee and contractor compensation are the only mandatory Overpass costs, but we also offer additional services which may be of interest, depending on your needs.

Additional Phone Numbers: We provide one free virtual phone number (DID) for each contractor you hire, which serves as both the Caller-ID number and also allows contractors to receive inbound calls. Should you require additional numbers for any reason, we charge $5 per month for each number.

Invited (In-House) User Seat Fee: Should you prefer to use Overpass with in-house employees (as opposed to hiring remote contractors from our marketplace), the typical $240/month seat fee is reduced to $120/month per employee. In this scenario, you pay these employees directly and Overpass does not act as payment facilitator.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Because Overpass confirms contractor compensation prior to charging your card, refunds are rarely necessary. The limited circumstances for which refunds are available include:

Unapproved Hours: If contractors work more hours in a given week than their contract stipulates, we generally assume those extra hours were approved. If that is not the case, and we have charged for unapproved time, we will refund the difference. As long as clients carefully review all invoices, this should rarely occur.

Unapproved “Off System Work”: While contractors are using the Overpass website to work, we can track their exact activity. However, we do offer an “Off System Work” status, which represents time spent doing any additional tasks that a contractor might be asked to perform during their shift (for example, market research, or writing a new sales script). Since this work can only be verified by the client, we will refund any compensation mistakenly paid for unapproved Off-System Work.

Please note that monthly seat fees are not refundable.

Cancelling Individual Contracts: You are able to end an individual Overpass contract at any time, although we do ask that you give your contractors as much notice as possible as a matter of respect. Once that contract is cancelled, the seat is open and may be filled with another contractor immediately.

Cancelling Your Entire Account: As explained above, both our Talent and Talent & Tech options are an annual commitment, billed monthly. At the end of your first year, you are welcome to renew or end your subscription. Cancellation is not available mid-term, unless granted special exception from our CEO.

Taxes and Fees

Because we act as a payment facilitator, clients hiring through Overpass are not expected or required to provide any tax information or other HR documentation to contractors. Overpass contractors simply total the amount of money they've made throughout the year and report that amount as "additional freelance income" on their taxes.

Overpass applies a 3% processing fee to all credit card payments.

Additional Help and Support

For any other billing or pricing concerns not covered here, please reach out to us via our live-chat channel, or email

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