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Provide your agents with the resources they need to be successful
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All Overpass agents have prior experience in sales calling, but they're new to your business and your preferred sales process. Set your team up for success by providing training materials they can consult while they work.

Examples of useful training materials might include:

  • brochures or pricing guides for the products/services your business provides

  • strategies for overcoming common sales objections

  • sales cycle overview map

  • list of daily responsibilities and expected results

  • promotional videos advertising your business

  • videos or audio recordings that demonstrate your preferred sales methods

The Training Tab

As a client, you can access the Training tab on the right side of the banner options. (This tab is visible to your agents as well, but will remain blank from their view until you add content.)

Overpass site banner, "Training" tab highlighted.

When you first click on the Training tab, you'll see options for adding two different types of educational content: training files or online resources.

Overpass "Training Area" with no content yet.

Training Files

The training files section allows you upload local files that already exist on your computer. Supported file types include: pdf, doc/docx, txt (documents), ppt/pptx, (PowerPoint presentations), xls/xlsx (spreadsheets), jpg, gif (images).

Please note that individual files cannot exceed 10MB each.

To upload a new file, just click the blue Add File button, then select the appropriate file from your computer. As you add content, the names of each file will appear in that section. We recommend making sure that your file names are clear so that there's no confusion about which document is which.

"Training Files" window with two files uploaded.

If you uploaded a file in error, or wish to remove a file that is no longer relevant, simply click the red "delete" option to the right of each file name.

Online Resources

This section allows you to provide links to content that exists on the internet, rather than on your computer. For example, you might want to link to a educational YouTube video, your company's homepage, or an online pricing guide.

When adding a new training resource to this side, instead of selecting the file from your computer, you'll simply copy/paste the URL link and provide a description:

Overpass training page showing option to add online resources.

Contractor Access

Once you have uploaded training files or online links, remind your contractors to familiarize themselves with these new resources! They can also access this page from the Training tab, and it looks quite similar from their view, with the exception that agents cannot upload or delete files (unless they have been given "Admin" access).

"Training" tab from agent login view.

The File Library

In addition to adding and removing training files via the Training tab, you may also do so by navigating to Settings, then selecting File Library from the left-hand menu.

Accessing Overpass File Library via "Settings"

From here you can see all of your local training files, as well as files that you have uploaded for use as email attachments. You may add or delete files from this page using exactly the same methods as described above; when you select a file we'll ask if you intend for it to be used as a training document or an email attachment. (Please note that this page is for files only; online content may only be added through the Training tab.)

More questions about providing training content for your team? Reach out to us at or by clicking the blue "chat bubble" icon in the lower corner.

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