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Adjust, edit, and approve your contractors' weekly compensation

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Overpass clients have the ability to make minor adjustments to their weekly invoices, prior to being charged. Read on to learn more about how this process works.

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Payment Schedule

Overpass contractors are paid weekly. The pay period begins at exactly 12:00 AM, Monday morning, and lasts until 11:59 PM, Sunday evening (U.S. Eastern time).

When the new pay period begins, the Overpass platform automatically generates a provisional invoice for the previous week.

For various reasons, clients may need to make adjustments before their credit card is charged. This may include adding hours, subtracting hours, or adding commissions or bonuses to a contractor's paycheck. Once the invoice has been generated, Overpass clients have 48 hours (all day Monday and Tuesday) to make any necessary edits and approve the total.

If clients do not approve the invoice by Tuesday night (11:59 PM, Eastern), it is automatically finalized, and no further changes can be made.

Following this Tuesday night deadline, we charge all client credit cards on Wednesday, and send compensation to your agents on Thursday afternoon.

Overpass weekly billing cycle calendar

Receiving & Accessing Weekly Invoices

At the end of each pay period, all clients with active contractors receive a notification email from Overpass. This email displays the provisional billable total, based on our time-tracking records, and contains a link to the page within Overpass where the invoice can be adjusted.

To review the full invoice, click the blue Invoice History button that appears at the bottom of this email:

Image of Overpass "New Invoice" email notification displaying demonstration total and link to view Overpass site.

Alternately, clients can access this same information by logging into, selecting Workforce from the site banner, and then selecting Invoice History:, "Workforce" tab and access to "Invoice History" tab

Understanding the Weekly Invoice

The Invoice History page displays all weekly invoices since your first Overpass contract was sent. The current/latest invoice is always shown at the top of the page.

Overpass "Invoice History" page

Clicking on any individual invoice will expand to show a detailed breakdown of each agent's contracted hourly rate, total hours recorded, and the subtotal for the week.

Example of an Overpass invoice

Each individual contractor will be a shown on a separate line. This includes all agents who performed any work during that pay period (even if their contract has since been terminated.)

Please note that if the hourly rate on an agent's contract is updated midway through a pay period, you'll see two discrete rows for the same agent -- one displaying all hours worked at the previous rate, the second displaying hours worked at the updated rate.

To see a detailed breakdown of each agent's hours, select the blue Work Breakdown option that appears underneath the total hours figure. The page expands to show exactly how long each agent spent in specific working statuses. (For more information on these categories, see Client's Guide to Status-Based Billing.)

Adjusting Contractor Hours

While we aim for total accuracy in time-tracking, clients may need to occasionally adjust the recorded hours shown in the system.

This can occur in either direction. Sometimes, a client may need to reduce the hours if a contractor worked for longer than was authorized. Other times clients may wish to add additional hours if the contractor actually worked longer than the system recorded. (This scenario is possible if the contractor is using the Off-System Work option, and is accidentally logged out of Overpass but continues to work in a different tab/window.)

Some clients prefer to round to an even number for record-keeping purposes (for example, rounding 39:55 up to an even 40 hours.)

To adjust a contractor's hours, simply click into the Total Hours Worked field and edit as necessary. After doing so, you'll be prompted to enter a Reason, where you'll provide context for this adjustment (to avoid any confusion in the future).

Adjusting hours and providing a reason

Once all hours have been adjusted to your satisfaction, click the blue Approve Invoice button to finalize. Remember to double-check your work -- once the invoice is approved, no further changes can be made!

Overpass "Approve Invoice" button in blue.

Adding Commissions or Bonuses

If you'd like to add commissions or other bonuses to your contractors' weekly pay, this can also be done through the Invoice History page.

To add a commission or bonus, simply add the amount into the Commission field that appears on the invoice. You will again be prompted to enter a Reason. The Reason field is not mandatory for commissions, but we do recommend adding a brief explanation, simply for your own records.

Overpass invoice showing "Commission" field filled in

Frequently Asked Questions

I made a mistake -- how can I change my invoice after it was finalized?

At this time, invoices cannot be adjusted after they have been finalized. If you've made a mistake, simply note any discrepancies, and correct the difference by adding or subtracting hours on the following week's invoice.

Why is one agent appearing twice on a single invoice?

If an agent's contracted rate is changed mid-week, you will see that agent listed twice. The first row displays all hours worked at the previous rate, the second row displays any hours worked at the updated rate.

Why am I still seeing an agent on my invoice after I cancelled their contract?

The invoice displays all agents who logged hours at any point during the previous pay period, even if they have subsequently been let go. They will not appear on the following week's invoice.

Why isn't my invoice showing my most recent hire?

The invoice displays all agents who logged hours at any point during the previous pay period (Monday-Sunday.) So if you hired a new contractor on Wednesday, but they are not starting work until the next Monday, they will not appear on the invoice generated on the Sunday following their hire.

Where do I see my monthly seat fee payments to Overpass?

Currently the Invoice History page only shows your weekly contractor compensation, not your monthly seat fee payments. If you need a formal record of these payments to Overpass, please contact

How can I update my default payment method?

To update your credit card, click on your name in the upper right of Overpass, select My Account, then select the Billing & Payment option on the left side.

More questions about adjusting invoices, adding commissions, or something else entirely? Let's chat! Send us a message at, or use the blue "chat" bubble in the lower corner of the site.

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