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We're always looking for quality, reliable contractors here at Overpass, and one of our best sources of new talent is . . . you!

If you're an approved Overpass contractor, and you know a friend or family member who'd like to work through Overpass as well, refer them to us! Best of all, if they get hired, you'll receive a $100 bonus!

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How Do Referrals Work?

Once your contractor profile is approved, you'll have access to a special referral link. This link appears on your Contractor Dashboard, the first page you see after logging into Overpass, and is shown on the lower right of that page:

Overpass contractor dashboard, Referral Link shown in lower right.

When you're ready to refer a new applicant, you'll need to copy this specific invite link. To copy the link, just click the blue button to the right of the URL. Then, you'll send this link to your referral candidate by pasting the text into an email or text message.

Remember to explain to your referral that they will need to use this special link to sign up for Overpass -- that's how we know they came from you!

When Will I Receive My Bonus?

Simply enrolling for Overpass is not enough. In order for you receive your $100 bonus, your referral candidate must also:

  • Complete their Overpass profile application

  • Possess the required level of experience (at least two years in outbound sales)

  • Meet with and be approved by our Talent team

  • Complete Overpass onboarding training

  • Be hired by an Overpass client

  • Work for a minimum of one week on an Overpass contract

Once the above has all been accomplished, you will receive your $100 bonus!

Please note that we process referral bonuses at the beginning of every month. In other words, after your referral candidate has worked for seven days, you can expect to receive your bonus at the beginning of the following month.

Who Can Be Referred?

To avoid disappointment, please ensure that your candidate meets all of our requirements prior to referral.

Professional Experience

The primary requirement to be an Overpass sales contractor is at least two years of previous professional experience in outbound, phone-based sales.

Since 2023, we are also accepting contractors with phone support experience, who have at least four years of experience in customer support or virtual assistant work.

Without this experience, we cannot approve applicants.

This experience may include telemarketing, cold-calling, warm-calling, lead generation, appointment-setting, customer support, technical support, virtual assistant work, closing, or full-cycle sales. Retail work or other in-person sales work does not qualify.


Language Skills

Since Overpass clients are almost entirely based in the United States, we require conversational English fluency for all agents, although English does not need to be the applicant's first language.


Geographic/Payment Limitations

While we welcome agents from all over the world, there are unfortunately a few locales from which we are not able to accept applicants, due to local payment restrictions.

We are currently not able to send payments to accounts based in the following countries:

  • Afghanistan

  • Belarus

  • Congo

  • Cote d'Ivoire

  • Cuba

  • Ethiopia

  • Iran

  • Iraq

  • Lebanon

  • Libya

  • Liberia

  • Myanmar

  • North Korea

  • Sudan

  • Syrian Arab Republic

  • Venezuela

  • Zimbabwe

To confirm or check current availability, please consult here: Trolley Global Payout Map.

Payment restrictions can be complex and subject to change. If you have specific questions about your candidate's payment eligibility, please check with our team at

Frequently Asked Questions

How many applicants am I allowed to refer?

You are welcome to refer as many applicants as you like, provided that they meet our qualifications. You will receive an additional $100 for each successfully approved and hired referral.

My referral got hired, why haven't I received my bonus yet?

Referral bonuses are paid monthly, at the beginning of each month. Your referred agent must work for one week on a legitimate Overpass contract before you are eligible to receive the bonus. After that week is complete, you will receive your bonus at the beginning of the next month.

For example, if your referred agent is hired on June 28, and their first full week of work ends on July 5, you would receive your $100 bonus in the first week of August.

How will I receive my referral bonus?

Bonuses are sent through the same payment method as your regular Overpass compensation. If you are currently on an active contract, we will add $100 to your weekly total, otherwise it will just be a direct payment of $100. As always, PayPal fees may apply.

I referred my friend, but they forgot to use my link! Can I still get the bonus?

We do require all referrals to utilize the invitation link; this is the only way we can manage this system fairly and equitably.

More questions about referring your friends to Overpass? Let's chat! Email, or use the blue chat button in the lower corner of the site.

Updated Sept. 2023

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