As an Overpass client, when you first hire a contractor, you're also purchasing a seat subscription. In order to use the Overpass platform effectively and economically, it's important to understand how these seat subscriptions work.

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What is a Seat?
How Many Seats Do I Need?
Purchasing Your First Seat
Re-Seats & Additional Seats
Viewing Active & Available Seats
Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Overpass Seat?

A seat represents one specific agent's access to your Overpass site. In order for Overpass agents to perform work for your company, you must pay for their seat.

A helpful way to envision this is to imagine that you and your sales agents are all physically sitting around a crowded conference table. If there's a vacant seat at the table, then a new agent can join the meeting without issue. But if all the chairs are taken, you'll need to pull up a new seat before they can join.

As a client, your seat is already included. You do not need to purchase a seat for yourself, only for the contractors that you hire.

How Many Seats Do I Need?

Agents cannot share seats, so the number of seats you need is equivalent to the total number of people currently working. A team of five sales reps requires five seats.

Seats can always be vacated and re-filled as needed. When a contract with an agent ends (for any reason), their seat becomes available, and you may hire a replacement agent into that open seat without any additional purchases.

When you're looking to replace one agent with another, the order of your actions matters. When an agent is being replaced, you should always cancel that contract before extending the new offer to the next candidate. Otherwise, you'll end up with one more seat than you need.

Purchasing Your First Seat

When you send your very first contract offer, you'll be asked to choose between our two subscription plans: Talent Only or Talent & Tech.

Both plans are a 12-month term, billed on a monthly basis. The 12-month term begins when your first contract offer is accepted by the agent.

Image of selection screen between two

Your card will be charged when the contract is accepted. The seat fee for your first month is prorated, depending on how many days remain in the month. For example, if you send a Talent Only contract, and the offer is accepted on the 15th, the standard rate ($160) would be prorated to $80, since the month is already half over.

Subsequent months are billed at the full rate on the 1st of each month.

Re-Seats & Additional Seats

The basic process of hiring agents and purchasing seats remains consistent, regardless of the size of your team. After your first seat purchase, however, there are a few key differences to be aware of.

First, all additional seats will automatically be the same plan type (Talent Only or Talent & Tech). You cannot mix plan types within one account. (That said, if you'd like to switch your entire account from one type to the other, we can do that -- just contact Overpass support.)

Secondly, there is no seat charge if you are hiring a replacement agent into an open seat.

Third, all additional seats are subject to the same 12-month timetable as your first seat. For example, if you purchase one seat in mid-January, then two more seats in July, the subscription period for all three seats runs until the end of December.

Viewing Active & Available Seats

To see current staff and seats, just click the Workforce link in the Overpass banner. From here, you can see all agents who are currently hired, as well as any open seats and their expiration date. If you do have an available seat, just click the blue Hire Contractors button to bring you directly to the marketplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to purchase seats?

Seats provide your respective agents with access to your Overpass workspace.

On a practical level, seat fees are how Overpass stays in business; we don't take any percentage of the contractors' hourly compensation.

How many seats do I need?

Each agent currently working for you requires their own seat. A team of 10 appointment setters requires 10 seats. However, seats are not permanently linked to the specific agent, and may be vacated and refilled at any point.

Do I need a seat for myself, or my business partner?

Your Overpass account comes with one client/admin seat included -- you do not need to pay for your own seat. We do not currently offer additional client-level accounts, although we plan to offer this in the future.

How much does each seat cost?

Seats are billed monthly, and cost either $240 or $160 per month, depending on which plan you've selected. (To learn more about our two plans, click here.) Your very first seat fee will be prorated based on how much time remains in the current month.

How long is a seat subscription good for?

Your first seat purchase begins your 12-month Overpass subscription. Any subsequent seats purchased during that year are subject to the same timetable as your first seat.

After your first year, seats are automatically moved into a month-to-month subscription basis.

When exactly does my 12-month subscription term end?

As discussed above, your initial month will be prorated. Even if you purchase your seat very late in the month, that month still "counts" towards the subscription term.

For example, if you purchase your first seat on January 29th, your first seat fee would be significantly prorated to only cover the final three days of the month. You would then be charged the full seat amount on February 1, March 1, etc. Your 12-month subscription would end on December 31.

At that point, if the seat is still active/filled, you will roll over into a month-to-month billing cycle.

Can two agents share a seat if their work schedules do not overlap?

No. Each agent always requires their own seat to access your workspace, even if they are literally accessing the site during different hours.

More questions about seats, billing, or anything else? Let's talk! Email us at or use our live-chat feature.

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