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For contractors working through our marketplace, Overpass acts as a payment facilitator. Read on to learn exactly what that means!

If you need to update your payout preferences, just click the Payment Settings button in the upper right of your Profile page.

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When Will I Be Paid?

The Overpass payment period always runs from Monday through Sunday. On Thursday afternoon (U.S. Eastern time) we process payments for all hours worked in the previous week.

The payment schedule is always the same for all clients and contracts.

Please note that while we process outbound payments at the same time every week, outside factors do affect exactly how long it takes before you have access to those funds. Many contractors do receive their pay on the same day we send it, but in some cases payments may take up to five business days to reflect in the recipient's account. The exact time frame depends on both your location and chosen payment method.

Calendar displaying weekly payment schedule for Overpass contractors.  Pay cycle runs from Monday through Sunday of every week.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Overpass offers two methods for receiving compensation: PayPal and bank transfer.

In order to use PayPal, you must first have your own PayPal account. In this method, Overpass will send your weekly compensation to your PayPal account, and from there you may choose to transfer or withdraw those funds as you see fit.

If you prefer the bank transfer method, no additional online accounts are required. However, you will need to provide us with additional information about your local bank and bank account details.

Generally speaking, most contractors will experience lower fees when utilizing the bank transfer method. However, depending on your location and priorities, some contractors may find the PayPal option to be more convenient.

Setting Up Your Payout Method

As you're building your Overpass profile, you'll see the Payout Account section in the upper right. Click Add Payout Method to enter your details.

Overpass profile, with Payout Account method in the upper right highlighted

You'll be asked to provide your General Information. Under "Type," please select Individual. Then enter your name and date of birth.

If you would like the option to receive payment via bank transfer, you will also need to provide your full address at this point. This information is not necessary if you intend to utilize the PayPal method. Click Save once this form is complete.

After entering this information, you'll be brought to a page where you'll be asked to select your preferred payment method. If you did not enter your address on the previous screen, you will not have the ability to select bank transfer.

Regardless of which method is selected, this page also shows an expectation for processing time and estimated fees.

If you do select bank transfer, you'll also be asked to include additional bank information, such as your routing number and the name on your account. Be sure to enter this information carefully and accurately.

Please note that at this time, the bank transfer option is not available for contractors using intermediary bank routing -- you must have a bank account that permits direct international money transfers.

Understanding Payment Fees

Overpass does not take any fees from your weekly compensation. As a company, we make 100% of our profit by charging the clients, not contractors.

However, whenever money is being sent electronically, some fees will always be applied by the third-party transfer services. These fees are beyond our control, and will vary depending on your location and payout method.

For contractors utilizing PayPal, the fee is typically around 3-5% of your total weekly pay. In the bank transfer method, you'll generally be charged a flat fee on each transaction, rather than a percentage. This fee will also differ based on your location, but is generally between $1 - $10 (USD).

Contractors living outside of the U.S. may be affected by currency exchange rates. Each payment service utilizes their own internal conversion rates, and these rates can vary from day to day.

What is Trolley? Do I Need a Trolley Account?

Overpass utilizes Trolley to help process weekly payments to contractors. Since electronic payment options and requirements vary from country to country, Trolley allows Overpass freelancers to choose the payout method that suits them best.

Overpass users do not need to create a Trolley account. We've already integrated their software into our site -- you simply need to enter your preferred payment details into your Overpass profile, and we'll handle everything else.

What If I Have An Issue With My Weekly Payment?

We prioritize payment accuracy and want to ensure that all contractors are paid fairly and in a timely manner. You can help us meet this goal by checking your daily summary emails, and letting us know right away if anything looks amiss!

During each payment period, you can check your current logged hours on the Timesheet page. This page also allows you to make minor adjustments or add missing shifts, prior to the invoice being sent to the client.

When you receive your payment, if you believe something is incorrect, don't panic. Just contact our billing team ( with an explanation of your situation, and as much detail and context as you can provide. We promise to do our best to resolve all billing concerns as promptly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I be paid?

We process payments weekly. Every Thursday we process payments for the hours worked during the previous payment period (Monday - Sunday).

How can I receive my payment?

Payments can be sent through PayPal or bank transfer.

Which payout method is best?

If you prioritize getting your payments as quickly as possible, we recommend using PayPal, and understand that you will pay slightly higher fees for that convenience.

If your priority is to minimize your total fees, we recommend using bank transfer, and understand you will need to be slightly more patient on a weekly basis.

How soon will I have access to my money?

This is dependent on each contractor's location and which method they've chosen. In many cases, funds will be available the same day (Thursday) that we process the payment. However, transfers are slower in certain areas, and in some cases it may take 2-3 business days for that money to arrive in your account. Overpass is unable to accelerate this process; please plan accordingly.

Can I change my payout method from PayPal to bank transfer -- or from bank transfer to PayPal?

Yes. However, changes to payout method must be updated in our site between Friday and Wednesday night so that we can make adjustments in time for payday. Please do not update your method on Thursday as this may cause issues with your payment.

Can I have two payout methods in Overpass?

Yes, you may enter multiple methods/accounts, although only one will be active at any point. If you are switching from one method to another, please do so between Friday and Tuesday night (11:59 PM, Eastern time). Please do not update your method between Tuesday and Thursday as this may cause issues with your payment.

Do I need to create a Trolley account?

No. You'll simply enter your payment details into your Overpass account, and we'll handle the rest.

What is a SWIFT number?

Depending on your location, you may be asked to enter a SWIFT number in order to receive bank transfers.

A SWIFT/BIC is an 8-11 character code that identifies your country, city, bank, and branch. The code will be a mix of letters and numbers. You can usually find your bank’s SWIFT/BIC code in your bank account statements, or search using an online tool.

What if I'm using an intermediary bank?

Our current system cannot accommodate routing funds through an intermediary system, unfortunately. If your local bank is unable to accept direct international money transfers, you will need to use PayPal instead.

Can I use a Payoneer account to receive funds?

Payoneer is an third-party financial system which offers different types of accounts. We cannot send to standard Payoneer accounts. However, we generally are able to send payments to a Local Receiving Account via Payoneer (which includes an account number, a routing number, and a mailing address). Contact if you have further questions about your account type.

It's Thursday -- why don't I have my funds yet?

Overpass processes payments between 12:00 - 6:00 PM on Thursday, U.S. Eastern time. Depending on your specific location and payout method, however, you may experience a delay between when we process the payment and when it's available in your account.

If your weekly payment is under $20.00 (USD), we will hold those funds and lump them in with the following week's payment.

Why was the payment I received less than my summary email showed?

When sending money electronically across country lines, all money transfers are subject to exchange rates. Exchange rates are variable, and services use slightly different rates. The specific conversion rates that PayPal or your bank are using may be different than what you find on Google or elsewhere.

How are commissions handled?

Your client will manually add any weekly commissions or bonuses (when applicable), and any additional funds will be lumped into your main payment.

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Updated April 2023

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