The Overpass marketplace contains thousands of contractors, but there's only one of you! When clients are looking to hire, an accurate, professional profile will help them determine if you're a good fit for their needs.

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Getting Started
Creating Your Profile
Additional Guidelines & Best Practices

Getting Started

If you haven't done so yet, you'll need to create your Overpass account. If you're starting at our homepage, click Become an Agent in the upper right. You'll need to provide some basics to begin: your email address, phone number, full name, and country of residence.

Be sure you're enrolling with the form that says "To Get A Job." (If this says "Register My Company" instead, you are in the wrong place and should backtrack).

Registration to sign up as a Contractor on

Creating Your Profile

Once you've registered, it's time to build your profile. Notice that on the right side of the page is a checklist of seven required elements. You may complete these steps in any order, but your profile will not be submitted until all seven are finished.

Required Steps

1. Confirm Your Email Address

Once you enroll, we send you an email to verify your address. Just log into your inbox, find that message, and click the blue Confirm Email button within the email. (Don't see it? Check your Spam and/or Junk folders.)

2. Add Your Work Experience

One of the most significant aspects of you Overpass profile is listing your work history. This lets potential employers know the industries and roles you're comfortable with.

Think of this section as a resume, but only for a certain type of work. Since Overpass is focused on remote phone sales, you should only list jobs and positions which are relevant to outbound sales. Examples of relevant jobs include:

  • phone sales (all variations)

  • appointment-setting

  • telemarketing

  • lead generation

  • in-person sales

  • collections

Other positions in which you spent a majority of your day making outbound calls are generally relevant and should be added. On the other hand, jobs in which you mostly received calls, such as reception work or technical support, should not be included. You also don't need to include any retail or service work. Of course, all professional experience is valuable, but for these specialized positions our clients are focused only on the most relevant details.

When listing jobs, use the "Quota" section to quantify the amount of work you performed. These can be volume-based ("I was expected to make 250 calls per day") or performance-based ("I was expected to make 10 sales each week.") If your work didn't have formal quotas, use this space to estimate your performance, as best you can remember. For example, "I would make around 1000 calls every week, and usually set 3-5 appointments per day."

We also have an "Accomplishments" section, where you can brag a bit about your past successes. Maybe you won "Employee of the Week," or solicited more donations than anyone else on your fundraising team. It's okay to brag a little bit!

3. Add Desired Roles

What kind of position are you looking for? Are you a full-cycle sales rep, or an appointment-setting all-star? Let us know your preferences, so we can better match you with opportunities.

4. Add an Hourly Rate

Overpass rates generally range from $4/hour up to $30/hour, depending on your background and experience. During the review process, our Talent team will help ensure your rate is competitive relative to the marketplace as a whole, and you can adjust if necessary.

5. Record a Language Sample

Since the majority of your work will be done over the phone, potential employers want to hear what your voice sounds like! We recommend practicing the script a few times before recording yourself. Do your best to sound friendly, composed, and polite -- no one want to hire a robot! If you make a mistake, you can always re-record.

If you're multilingual, go ahead and record a voice sample for additional languages you're comfortable working in. The majority of Overpass work is done in English (and English is required), but some clients are looking for candidates fluent in other languages as well.

6. Set Your Weekly Availability

One of the biggest advantages to working through Overpass is flexibility. Use this section of your profile to let us know which days and hours you're willing to work, and when you're never available. Since different clients have variable schedules and needs, setting your availability to be fairly broad will give you a better chance of receiving job offers.

7. Add a Payout Method

If you're hired by a client, you'll be paid weekly. Overpass offers two methods for receiving compensation: PayPal and bank transfer.

In order to use PayPal, you must first have your own PayPal account. In this method, Overpass will send your weekly compensation to your PayPal account, and from there you may choose to transfer or withdraw those funds as you see fit.

If you prefer the bank transfer method, no additional online accounts are required. However, you will need to provide us with additional information about your local bank and bank account details.

To add or edit your payout method, just look for the Payout Account settings in the upper right corner of your profile.

Image of the Overpass profile, with an orange circle indicating the Payout Method settings

Review Session with a Talent Advocate

Once all seven elements of your profile have been completed, it will automatically be submitted to our Talent Advocate team. Overpass Talent Advocates (TAs) are the members of our team who approve contractor profiles and will help you learn the basics of the platform.

You'll receive a pop-up, prompting you to schedule a meeting with one of our TAs. Please select a time you'll be available, and then keep an eye out for an email confirmation. The meetings are held through Google Hangouts, so you may join by computer or you can call in with your phone.

During this review session, the TAs will ask a few more questions about your work background, and may suggest areas of your profile that can be improved or expanded. If the TA determines you're a good fit for Overpass, your profile will be approved and you can start applying for jobs!

Additional Guidelines and Best Practices

Proofread your work: Be sure to check that your profile is free of typos or misspellings. Correct grammar and capitalization conveys professionalism and attention to detail.

Add a photo: You may submit your profile without a photo if you prefer, but we will ask you to upload a picture prior to us sending your profile to clients. A cell-phone selfie is fine, just be sure to look generally professional and friendly. Don't forget to smile!

Include your LinkedIn profile: If you use LinkedIn, you may choose to include that link in your Overpass profile as well, to give clients a fuller picture of your background. This isn't a requirement, so if you don't use LinkedIn, that's okay too!

More questions about creating your Overpass profile? Let's talk. Email or message us through our live-chat channel.

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