Troubleshooting Audio Issues

Having trouble hearing or being heard?

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Audio issues in the Overpass platform are rare, but may be caused by certain computer or browser settings not being configured correctly.

Please note that this guide should be used to diagnose a complete lack of audio.
If your audio (or video) quality is poor or choppy, please instead consult our article Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity.

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Potential Audio Issues

This guide is designed to troubleshoot the following scenarios:

  • Agents who are having difficulty recording or listening to their voice sample.

  • Clients who are having difficulty listening to agent voice samples.

  • Clients or agents having trouble hearing each other during an video interview.

First Troubleshooting Steps

Anytime you're having any type of audio problems, please start by simply restarting your computer. This resets your computer's audio drivers, and often solves the problem outright.

If the issue still persists following a computer restart, try resetting your headphones/headset:

  • If you're using a Bluetooth headset or headphones, please try turning that device off, waiting ten seconds, then turning it back on and reconnecting.

  • If you're using a corded headset or headphones, please try unplugging the device from your computer, then re-plugging.

Check Website Settings

Websites like Overpass require permission to make use of your computer's audio hardware. If these permissions are accidentally changed or reset, issues may occur.

We recommend using Google Chrome for best results. In Chrome, you can easily check your website permissions by clicking the small "padlock" icon which appears to the left of the address bar. These permissions are individual to each website, so be sure to first navigate to before you check.

Example of Google Chrome site permissions menu.

When you click the padlock icon, you should confirm that both Microphone and Sound are set to Allow, as shown above. If these settings show "Block" or "Ask," use the drop-down to switch to Allow.

If Microphone and/or Sound don't appear in this initial window, click Site Settings to access the full list of permissions. Once again, check this full list to be sure that both Microphone and Sound are set to Allow, as shown below:

Reviewing Computer Settings

If the site permissions are already set correctly, the issue may be related to the audio settings on your computer.

If you are unable to hear audio through Overpass, please check to see if audio works normally on other sites, such as YouTube. If not, that's an excellent sign that the issue is linked to your computer settings.

If you are unable to be heard via Overpass (you can hear other people while on a interview call, but they cannot hear you), there may be an issue with your default microphone/recording settings. Please check your Windows/iOS audio settings, and ensure that the headset you are using is set to the default recording/input device.

A good way to gather more information is through third-party sites, such as or These sites can tell you if your audio input/output is not configured correctly. Depending on what you learn, you may need to also consult the audio help guides for your computer itself -- both Microsoft Support and Apple Support have information on audio settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Overpass require a certain type of headset?

No, any standard headset is acceptable, or headphones that include a built-in microphone.

Help, I'm in an interview call, but the other person can't hear me!

First, try exiting out of the interview window, then clicking the link again to re-launch the session. If that doesn't help, use the Message Center page to send a message to the other party explaining your issue, and then try rebooting your computer.

What are the recommended settings for best results?

Overpass is designed to be run in the Google Chrome browser, on either a Windows or Mac computer. Please be sure that both your browser and operating system are updated to the latest version.

More questions about audio issues? Let's talk!

Email or message us through our live-chat channel.

Updated April 2023.

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